K2 Krill

4 Things Why K2 Krill is Important for You:

    1. Promotes healthy cell membranes:

    K2 Krill is a combination of two powerful cardiovascular support ingredients. Each bottle contains Provital-K2 blend together with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids from Krill oil - the new omega-3 fatty acid form that is more bioavailable than regular fish oil.

    Omega 3 is called essential because your body cannot make them. Omega 3 repair your cells and promotes healthy cell membranes. Watch the video below to easy understand what Omega 3 does for you:

    The combination of ProVital-K2 and Krill oil gives your body and your vascular system the nutrients it needs to incorporate highly bioavailable phospholipids-omega 3's and maintain healthy blood cells and an elastic circulatory system.

    Studies have shown that the ingredients found in K2 Krill are 2x more effective than fish oil in raising the omega-3 index, a measure of heart health. Krill oil does not have any of the unpleasant side effects generally associated with fish oil consumption..

    2. Good for Your Heart:

    • Promotes heart and cardiovascular health
    • May reduce the risk of coronary heart disease
    • Promotes healthy cell membranes
    • Promotes healthy arteries
    • Two powerful ingredients to support and significantly improve total and cardiovascular mortality rates

    3. Bones and Joints:

    ProVital-K2 in K2 Krill helps calcuim in your system to go to the right places. Dr Christina explains it good:

    "We all have low levels of K2. In the start it is ok to "load" with both ProVital-K2 and K2 Krill (2 pills of each) in 2 weeks and then go back to take 1 pill of each product. In Canada is 100% for K2 120mg, so if you take the both products you get 135 mg which is perfect. Also you get the Omega 3"

    New Study and Evidence: Menaquinone-7 supplementation improves arterial stiffness in healthy postmenopausal women: double-blind, randomised clinical trial (Knapen MHJ, et al.)

    • Improves bone strength – promotes healthier stronger bones
    • Supports joint health
    • Supports healthy calcium uptake

    4. Skin:

    • Supports a healthier skin tone
    • Promotes healthy skin

    2 videos that will make you more convinced why Omega 3 is a "no-brainer" to take:

    K2 Krill

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    Listen here when I interviewed Steven Burgees, ProVital-K and K2 Krill saved his life.


    Do you have a question? Don´t hesitate to contact me at niclas@mryeah.com

    After using K2 Krill for 5 weeks my pain in my shoulders disappeared!

    My name is Niclas Brunnegard - "Mr Yeah" - A health blogger at mryeah.com and at Facebook:


    The experiences below are from actual users of our products and other knowledgeable individuals. Their experiences are personal and do not represent any claims or typical results.

    We encourage you to do your research and due diligence, and consult your physician before taking any supplement. After all, it's your life and your health!

    After taking ProVital K2 for a few days, my children's teeth looked like they had gone to the dentist!!! Shiny and no more dark build up! The best part is that all of us taking ProVital have noticed our teeth getting whiter!!! I noticed a difference in how my teeth felt within the first day!!! – Georgia M., Knoxville, Tennessee

    As a wife, Mom of two teenage boys and small business owner taking care of my aging body is becoming increasingly important. I began taking ProVital K2 two months ago. I have seen increased energy and a decrease in my stress level. My husband calls it my Happy Pill. Thanks ProVital K2! – Darla Z., Knoxville, Tennessee

    I'm on my third month taking Provital K2, and my teeth feel like I've just had them cleaned EVERY DAY! Being a female in my mid-50's taking vitamins is commonplace and I wanted to give Provital K2 a try.

    Also, being of Asian descent, my mother suffers with severe osteoporosis and I wanted to give the product a try—I am encouraged and hopeful there will be a difference in my bone mass when I next visit my internist. Thanks so much! - Rena A., Knoxville, Tennessee

    My husband has been taking K2 Krill and he is noticing a huge difference in his joints. This weekend we were at a July 4th event and he got right up off the ground while I groaned. He says "You need to take the K2 Krill!!" - Debbie P., MSSW, Knoxville, Tennessee

    I have been taking ProVital now for two months and have my kids taking it too. One runs cross country for her college team, the other two play football on their high school team. All of us have noticed an increase in our cardio strength and performance ability. As a bonus, my skin feels better than it ever has! – Ron S., St. George, Utah

    I've been using the anti-wrinkle serum for nearly three months. This has given my skin an extra glow, I know it helps with wrinkles but I love the more even skin tone I get when I use it. I put it on every morning and right before bedtime. My face feels great and people have been telling me how good my skin looks!

    I've also been taking Provital K2 daily for the last few months and I feel great! I stand taller and with better posture. Osteoporosis runs in my family so I am extremely grateful I found this product!

    Last but not least, I have been taking the K2 Krill - LOVE THIS!!! Not only am I getting the benefits of vitamin K2, but I get the added bonus of a good quality Krill oil! My mind is clearer and I feel great! Only wish it came in a bigger bottle! - Amanda G., Riverton, UT, age 34

    Provital K2

    I have been using K2 Krill, ProVital K2 and the Age-Defying Anti-Wrinkle Serum faithfully for 3 months.

    For 15 years I have suffered with Fibromyalgia, and bone density loss is a concern in our family. I have an annual physical and was anxious to try the products to see if they would improve my cholesterol and bone density results, and help with my Fibromyalgia symptoms. I have been on a prescribed fish oil supplement for 5+ years and when my insurance no longer agreed to cover the supplement I was interested to see if the ProVital and Krill could take its place and provide equal benefits, and with the magnesium, help with the pain that I deal with because of my Fibromyalgia.

    Last week I visited my doctor for a complete physical, doing cholesterol, bone density and other blood work and specific labs. I was anxious to do a comparison to my last year's results. My doctor and I were pleasantly surprised to discover that my cholesterol, magnesium and calcium levels, and my bone density all were remarkably improved. I have noticed that my pain level due to Fibromyalgia has decreased. My doctor also commented on my skin and said she has never seen it look so good, along with my hair, the thickness and texture. She found this rather remarkable especially considering I had just gone through menopause. She noted that the only change I had made was adding K2 Krill, ProVital K2 and the Anti- Wrinkle Serum to my regimen. She was amazed to find out that I had only been consuming and using these things for 3 months. She encouraged me to continue because of the results of the all the labs which showed improvement in many areas. I am excited to continue with these 3 supplements and watch the progress and my state of health increase. - Karen Y., Salt Lake City, Utah, age 57

    I have been using the serum and the Provital K2 for nearly four months. I feel more energy in the mornings and healthier overall. My lower back doesn't hurt as much anymore and I feel less sore when going to the gym. The serum has improved my face so that I no longer have spots and I have less wrinkles around my eyes. I love the serum! - Johana K., Sandy, Utah, age 28

    I have been taking ProVital K2 and K2 Krill for 2 months now. High blood pressure is a concern for me. The supplements have been beneficial to me that way since I started taking them. Also, I have more energy and I'm less sore after my workouts. I went on a week-long trip and forgot to take the products with me. I could tell something was missing and my energy levels dropped. I really enjoy this product and am very happy with my results. - Caleb S., Sandy, Utah, age 30

    Our facility manufactures Live Life 360's K2 Krill softgel from our state-of-the-art 120,000 square foot manufacturing facility. We have a full in-house laboratory that is GMP certified by the NPA (Natural Products Association) and NSF. We are a pharmaceutical-grade facility, meaning we operate at the highest of FDA standards as we manufacture various supplements and medications. Live Life 360 spared no expense in the formulation and development of this product. The raw ingredients are top quality from the best suppliers. The amounts of each have been thoughtfully calculated. It is a top-of-the-line product. We are pleased to have partnered with Live Life 360 in its creation.-Best Formulations, Inc. (a quality pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical manufacturer)

    Vitamin K2 is an essential vitamin for a healthy body. Unfortunately, with our modern diet most people don't eat and can't find enough K2-rich foods, and thus are deficient in K2. Taking antibiotics can also leave K2 levels low. K2 deficiency can have negative consequences for our blood, bones and tissues. ProVital is an excellent source for K2. – Dr. Christopher R. Wood, M.D., Chicago, Illinois

    Try out K2 Krill & ProVital-K2, click here to see the prices and order.

    (You find K2 Krill and ProVital-K2 under Products. There you can: Learn more or buy directly.)

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